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  • "Red" Leonard
    Founder and Owner

    Harold "Red" Leonard

    Red Leonard, began his professional career at 3M,  where he worked in the
    accounting department.  In 1953, Mr. Leonard, joined Adamson's Desoto Dealership in Rochester, MN.  Red ,climbed through
    the ranks and became Assistant General Manager and ran the day-to-day
    operations of the dealership.  Red , married his wife, Jeri, in 1954 and have two sons Tom and Jim.

    One of Red's goals was to return to his hometown. He accomplished his goal in 1963. He purchased  the Vogel Chrysler Dealership in South St Paul.
    The dealership was located in a Quanset hut that is located on Concord St
    and included one car and four spark plugs.  Red , named his new dealership Fury
    Motors.  In 1967 the dealership moved into a new building at 740 N. Concord
    St.  Over the next 30 years, Red and his family grew the dealership into
    one of the largest and most successful Chrysler dealerships in the State of
    Minnesota.  In 1999, Fury Motors moved to its new location at the intersection
    of 494 and Concord Street in South St. Paul.

    Since moving to 494 and Concord St, Fury  has  acquired the Jeep and Dodge franchises offering a full service and sales of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge products.  Red's
    philosophy has always been "if you take care of the customer in service,
    they will come back to you for sales."  That is as true today as in the past which  it has led Fury to become the largest volume dealer in the State of Minnesota. Red , Tom, Jim ,and the staff of Fury Motors thanks all of its  customers for thier success! 

  • Tom Leonard

  • Liberty aka "Libby"
    Fury Mascot

    Libby came to us in february 2008 as a 3 month old Portuguise water Dog Puppy.  She loves the attention that she gets from kids of all ages and all the visitors she gets at Fury Motors.  She likes to spend time sleeping in Tom's office, and when she isn't playing around at the dealership she enjoys playing in the water, chasing balls and sticks, or just running around.  Libby is very proud of her accomplishments and loves it if you offer her a "high five."

  • Dick Waldhauser

    Richard "Dick" Waldhauser

    An Icon at Fury Motors, Dick has been here since the beginning.  Dick has
    worn many hats with in the dealership, but today you'll find him in the
    Sales Department.  Dick makes an effort to make sure his customers are
    satisfied not only in the purchasing experience, but when they are in for
    service, parts or body shop as well.  Dick has a reputation of good and
    conscientious service to his customer.  Not only has Dick sold the same
    people cars for years and years, but his name is passed on from generation
    to generation.  Not a day goes by at Fury Motors that people aren't coming
    in looking for Dick.

    Dick has a passion for cars, whether it's his Dodge Ram "Rumble Bee," his PT
    Cruiser or his Daytona Charger (All Yellow), or one of his many classic cars
    he has built or restored over the years.  He is our own historian also, and
    you can see an example of that with all the Sou' St Paul paraphernalia  in
    his office.  Stop in and check it out, and say hi To Dick. 

  • Bill DeAgazio
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Paul Morin
    Senior Finance Manager

  • Judy Preston
    Sales Associate/Internet Sales